Computer science graduate student from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Loves coding, exploring mountains, beaches and long drives

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Software Engineer
Feb 2021 - Present
Redmond, WA

• Developing scripts and code in C# for the new Pricing design in the Azure Marketplace

• Reduced the script execution time by 8hrs from 15hrs for certain Price Journals by investigating the jobs and identifying the bottleneck

• Reduced latency of workflow execution by 50% by generating standalone metadata for ingestion

C#, Kusto, Git, Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, ScopeScript

the Collaborative

SDE Intern
July 2020
Charlotte - NC

• Full-Stack development of an iOS application in Swift 5 and XCode 11 that included a 3D modeling component

• Developed program to effectively use efficient data structure in swift to categorize the photo library

• Developed App using delegates, Swift MVC, firebase for iOS and Google Maps and Places SDK for iOS

Swift, SceneKit, XCode, Firebase, Cocoa pods, Docker


Senior SWE
Oct 2017 - July 2019

• Coordinated a team of 10 - responsible for end-to-end development cycle - Agile and DevOps methodologies

• Developed Python scripts on Oracle HTTP server to automate Prod deployment improving efficiency by 30%

• Reduced the query run time by 80% by creating functional Index and SQL queries in the Prod database

Java, Python, Oracle SQL, Git, Linux, Eclipse, Jira


Senior SWE
Aug 2016 - Sept 2017

• Headed the Campaign Pro team to build efficient campaigns for TNT/FedEx that took 25% less time to execute

• Effectively used ServiceNow to implement priority-based development and integrations

• Developed an internal web app in JavaScript, Nodejs and MongoDB deployed on AWS EC2 that helped the client fetch campaign details

JavaScript, Node.js, React, Python, MongoDB, Amazon AWS, Oracle SQL

Capgemini Limited

Senior SWE
Jun 2017 - Aug 2016

• Managed end-to-end development cycle by using Agile methodologies

• Implemented SHA-256 encryption to securely store customer data in database using Java

• Developed tool using Java and SQL, reducing transaction report time by 70%, improving customer experience

Java, Python, Oracle SQL, C++, VS Code


Master of Science in Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Charlotte - North Carolina

GPA - 4.0

Aug 2019 – Dec 2020

Bachelor of Information Technology, Institute of Technical Education and Research

Bhubaneswar,Odisha - India

July 2009 – May 2013